Our Judiciary Batches

Judiciary Regular Morning

Lectures are conducted from Monday to Friday with Special Classes on Saturdays. This batch is suitable for the students who have completed their Law Graduation and are willing to dedicate their entire 10 Months for their goal of being a Judicial Officer. Regular Lectures & Tests will be the reason for the success of student.

Judiciary Regular Evening

Lectures are conducted from Monday to Friday with Special Classes on Saturdays. This batch is suitable for the students who are pursuing their Law Graduation and are willing to prepare for the Judicial examination simultaneously so that they could crack the Judicial Exam as soon as they complete the Law Graduation. It will also help students to score high in law faculty examinations.

Judiciary Weekend Morning

Lectures are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays and this batch is suitable for the students who have completed their Law Graduation and are into full time employment but are willing to prepare for the Judicial examination simultaneously so that they could crack the Judicial Exam and could realize their goal of being a Judicial Officer.

What Else We Provide?

Discussion Forum

Study Rooms

Specific State Focused Test Series

Daily Mock Tests For Prelims

Daily Answer Writing Practice For Mains

Exhaustive Study Material

Compilation of Latest Judgments

Weekly Revision Lectures

Our Faculty

Sparsh Jain
Director, Chinar Law Institute (LL.M)
Harshita Jain
Sanyam Khetarpal
Advocate, Delhi High Court (LL.B)

From Lawyer To Judge – How?

Your Dream Comes True

Classroom Lectures
Multiple Choice Questions
Answers Writing Tests

What Our Students Say

“I strongly recommend CLI to every aspiring candidate for judiciary entrance exam preparation. I have had a fulfilling experience at CLI as it has helped me to study in a disciplined and focussed manner. The topics were imparted in a systematic way to encourage smart study thereby saving time. Periodic tests were conducted so that the level of preparation and the shortcomings could be addressed. Advocate Sparsh Jain sir has been a guiding light at all times and an inspiration to crack the judiciary exam. I am deeply thankful for all his sincere efforts in teaching me law with great conceptual clarity”.

Sumant, Advocate

“It’s just like any other institute. They teach we learn. We do homework and that’s the end of it. But that’s just something normal? After scouring the education hubs for a doable law coaching, I managed to bump into this one. Something that marginalised all the other was something that I don’t really expect at an institute… something that happened outside the classroom… A true and fairly regular assessment. A very much needed mentorship to pursue what I’d asked for. Sparsh sir is indeed an irreplaceable teacher much after the student to understand the concept than just plainly explaining it to cram. I will surely guarantee that it will make everybody a more clear aimed person in life. The practical side of education was often supported by scholar from the field. And the theory of law was held by Sparsh sir himself. For me I’d be always happy for my decision to come here and take help to support me shape myself for the exams entrances to come”.

Advocate Chirag Kalra

“CLI has been a good experience so far! One of the finest institute for judiciary coaching and law in Gurugram. Preparation for prelims as well as mains goes on simultaneously as before every written notes we get a complete Bare Act reading with proper interpretation of every section of the Bare Act. Handouts are given for the minor topics which we are not made to write in our notes, so by this we manage to cover every possible topic. All important topics relating to social change, law or issues which are mostly talked about are taken up for the essay writing practise which also help us gain more knowledge and improves our research skills along with the writing skills”.

Advocate, Avneet

“The faculty is seriously the best! Classes are very interactive and helpful. The teaching style is very unique and extremely helpful in memorising and understanding the concepts. The best coaching for Judiciary! Very happy I joined here”.

Advocate, Mayunk

“I think CLI have a great teaching style in which they used stuff from different sources and combine them into a simplified version which will help us in easier ‘digestion’ of the knowledge. Mr. Sparsh Jain a friendly and understanding tutor, which would help us communicate with him better. And last for not least, he has a very unique way of teaching things for each lesson. So overall, I had a fun and enriching time learning from this institute”.

Mr. Ashish, Law Student

“I’m really glad that I decided to do the judicial exam preparations at the Chinar Institute, as it has given me renewed enthusiasm towards legal studies, and realizing that whatever I think I know is only like a drop in the ocean of Dharma. Thank you especially to Adv Sparsh Sir, for all you have done in putting this program together and administering it”.

Mr. Tushar, Law Student

Why CLI for Judiciary Coaching?

  • Experienced Faculty
  • Small Batches For Personal Attention
  • Classroom Lectures Dictation
  • Regular Revision Lectures
  • Daily Tests For Prelims & Mains
  • Regular Debates On Current Issues
  • Special Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Convenient Location
  • Modern Infrastructure

Your Chances of Becoming a JUDGE Is 100% if You

Attend Classroom Lectures
Take Tests
Update Latest Cases
Work On Answers Writing Skills

Who We Are?

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as the First Law Institute of Gurgaon. We aim at imparting knowledge of law to the career oriented youth studying law or who are already in legal field. We help our students in giving a definite shape to their career and make them learn what actually the law is and also the rationale behind it. We feel, law is something which everyone should know as “ignorantia juris non excusat”. One must know the law of land, his rights and duties as well.

We prepare students achieving their goals by making them feel the law and not merely teaching them in a traditional monotonous method. We do not promise for their success, rather, we create a bridge from the place where they are at the time of entering the Institute and to the place where they want to reach, now it is for them to run on that path and reach their goal and fetch the success.

We assure our students to give them that experience of teaching which they will remember throughout their life wherever they would be. We believe in what Martin Luther King has once said, “the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”. With this, we welcome you to the Chinar Law Institute.


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