About Us

About Us

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as the First Law Institute of Gurgaon. We aim at imparting knowledge of law to the career oriented youth studying law or who are already in legal field. We help our students in giving a definite shape to their career and make them learn what actually the law is and also the rationale behind it. We feel, law is something which everyone should know as “ignorantia juris non excusat”. One must know the law of land, his rights and duties as well.

We prepare students achieving their goals by making them feel the law and not merely teaching them in a traditional monotonous method. We do not promise for their success, rather, we create a bridge from the place where they are at the time of entering the Institute and to the place where they want to reach, now it is for them to run on that path and reach their goal and fetch the success.

We assure our students to give them that experience of teahing which they will remember throughout their life wherever they would be. We believe in what Martin Luther King has once said, “the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”. With this, we welcome you to the Chinar Law Institute.

– Sparsh Jain, Director, Chinar Law Institute

Why Law ?

It is a well known fact that every individual or body corporate has to face the court of law at some point in time whether for transfer of property or for any other issues that may arise with time. Law as a subject revolves around all spheres of life and it is a very satisfying experience to learn the same. Apart from that on one hand where many jobs lose their lustre with time, law seems to flourish with the passage of time and senior lawyers are more sought after due to their vast experience.

– Sumant, Student, CLI